The COACHEE’s Experience: Confidence at Work

All it takes is a spark!

Change in the workplace can be hard to cope with and for managers, the effects of change on them and on the staff demand considerable resilience.

I have been able to reflect further since we met and things have improved and I’m feeling much more positive.

My coachee was feeling her resilience had been eroded and her confidence shaken by changes in personnel while she was on secondment, which had caused shifts in the office environment. She wanted to rebuild her confidence to be able to manage challenges and challenging people.

Each coaching session has focused on a particular workplace relationship and explored ways in which she can understand the other party better, and develop positive ways of managing potential conflict situations.

Some of the tools in her resilience toolkit that she now has include:


  • Using positivity in the workplace to change the tone and atmosphere of meetings
  • Making clear her boundaries
  • Managing staff through their strengths


Future coaching sessions will follow the coachee’s agenda, as always, in addressing her concerns around confidence in leadership.

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