Spark your Creativity! interpretive writing course is the first of The Authentic Spark’s online courses developed just for you.

It offers practical, self-directed learning through videos, resources, quizzes and assignments.

What’s in this course?

You will discover the theory behind interpretation and explore best practice tips to build your creative confidence in writing for graphics. During the course you will draft and edit your own interpretive writing, considering tone of voice and how to write for your target audiences.

This interpretive writing course is available 24/7, with lifetime access via a one time purchase. Learn at your own pace and on any device. Complete the modules and quizzes to aid your personal and professional development.

I developed this course from the highly popular Spark your Creativity! four week live online course which ran in 2020 to 2022.

“It’s a practical hands-on course with real world applications” Course participant


Other courses

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The Authentic Spark also regularly delivers live online courses on behalf of Group for Education in Museums and Association for Heritage Interpretation. Visit their events pages to find out more.

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Spark your Creativity! Interpretive Scriptwriting for Graphics