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2015 was the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo – a great British victory – and the National Army Museum was marking the occasion with a programme of temporary exhibitions on partner sites throughout the UK. The scripting challenge for this project was to create powerful, meaningful temporary exhibitions which would quickly convey the story of Waterloo in minimal space.

The exhibition programme was across multiple sites, some of them simultaneously, and gave the opportunity to be creative with the storytelling. I utilised locally relevant and specific stories, often reflective of the partner museum’s collections, to weave into the main narrative of Waterloo and specifically its legacy to this day.

“Nearly 15,000 people saw the exhibition and feedback from visitors was very positive.”

Curator, The Museum of Somerset

While each exhibition was based on the same core content, the tone of voice and aspects of the content changed on a site by site basis. This included developing a particular focus around the concept of Honour for the Firing Line Museum in Cardiff Castle (where the graphics also had to accommodate dual language provision). Use of personal narratives and quotes was important as a main message of the exhibition was that this was the first time individuals were awarded a medal. There was even the opportunity to draw women’s stories into some of the exhibitions, recognising the role played by camp followers and wives as well as the occasional woman in disguise.


Scripting produced for PLB Projects Ltd
Images courtesy of PLB Projects Ltd

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