Tullie House Museum,
Cumbria: Vikings Revealed

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To develop the script editing for this new exhibition at Tullie House Museum, I needed to strike an appropriate balance between accurate archaeological / scientific information, and creating engaging, relevant interpretation for local people and tourists alike.

The content was supplied by the museum’s curators and specialists who knew the stories of these significant Viking burials from Cumwhitton in Cumbria intimate. This would be the first time the finds were put on permanent display.

The finds are challenging to understand. Many of them are encrusted with centuries of decay and earth. They have yielded their secrets through the use of x-rays, which reveal the ‘missing’ object. The approach to tone of voice needed to be one which reflected this sense of discovery, illustrating the ‘detective story’ around the evidence brought together by the experts, and the assumptions and analysis they made.

“some good things in the Cumwhitton Viking burials section. My son really enjoyed the CSI style investigation of Viking burials”

TripAdvisor February 2017

To bring this story to life, and generate a sense of the people behind it – both those in the burials and the men and women who were part of the excavation – I built the interpretive script around the idea of clues to the identities of the buried. The main panels within the Vikings Revealed Gallery are linked in this way to the object labelling so that the stories are revealed.


Scripting produced for PLB Projects Ltd
Images courtesy of PLB Projects Ltd
www.plbltd.com and Tullie House

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