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September 8, 2016
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February 16, 2017



Nearly four years ago I became a dog owner. Or rather I became owned by a dog since I think he and his canine sister (who we got 10 months later) have me well and truly trained! But what I have learnt from the experience of ‘being owned’ has given me a greater insight into my Authentic self.


Love unconditionally


There is nothing more heartwarming than the welcome of a dog, or two, when you come into the house – whether you have been away from 10 minutes or 2 hours, they are always pleased to see you. There’s a lot to be said for loving and giving in this way; for greeting everyone with the same smile and welcome. Because what you get in return is more of the same, and that good feeling is powerful and worth sharing.

Joy in the simple things


Have you ever seen a dog smile? Mine do, and at the simplest of things. When they are let off lead to run in the sun and enjoy the wind through their fur. When you scratch them behind the ear in just the right place.


It’s a reminder that being grateful for the simplest things, even when the big things in our life can be a challenge, can help keep us sane, and positive, and resilient. They it yourself – keep a note each day of three things you are grateful for, no matter how small. And then see how your outlook on life blossoms.

Building your pack


My dogs have their doggie friends. We met by chance, when I began to walk my first puppy in a local field at about 7 each morning. There we met a diversity of other dogs – a Labrador, a couple of Border Collies, a Jack Russell and a few others of more mixed origin – and since then they have formed a bond. They know where each other lives – and will pull to go past the houses and stop to sniff or visit. They protect each other. If a strange dog comes into the field and seems a threat, the barking of our little gang will ensure that the threat is quickly resolved.


And it isn’t just the dogs that found a pack. I made new friends, in a way I had never done before, through dog walking. And I too have protection and support now from friends who are diverse but loyal. We know where each other lives, we stop and visit (no sniffing!) and we help each other out.


Through my dogs I have discovered the genuine benefits of generosity, of connection with others and of giving of yourself. They are pretty good teachers!!



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