The power of positivity

What I learnt from my dogs!
February 16, 2017
What I learnt from my dogs!
February 16, 2017


‘The best coaches do not see themselves as talented or otherwise but approach life as a constant journey of learning. They are open to and indeed welcome feedback as a means to improve’

Matt Driver, Coaching Positively


I am fortunate in that, over recent years, I have encountered a number of people who, as truly authentic coaches have, in different ways, enabled me to experience and to harness:

A generous and grateful attitude

Awareness and focus on the moment

My skills with an awareness of how I can use them


In short they have supported me in realising many aspects of positivity and the power it has to enhance our lives, including:

My signature strengths and where I find my energy

Mindfulness and the calmness that comes from putting aside concerns about past or future

Authenticity in being and action

I have been on a personal journey over the past three years; one which I know is still in progress. Since first encountering coaching (though without any realisation that is what I was experiencing) in a ‘women in management’ course called ‘Springboard’, I have experienced an emotional and spiritual journey of growth and self-awareness to the point of recognising today my ‘purpose’ in becoming a coach and creating my own business. Its name, The Authentic Spark, is no co-incidence and in many ways underpins my feelings around the power of positivity. That it is essential to life, and to coaching…



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When we are positive our brains are more motivated, engaged, creative, energetic, resilient and productive

S Lyubormisky et al Psychology Bulletin 131: 803-855,
2005 as cited on Action for Happiness website


Positivity has greater potential to result in purpose, insight and in action – to enable application of the Goal, Reality, Opportunity and When (the GROW model) of coaching. Experiencing our world through a positive emotional state will mean that we are better able to manage the filters which our brain, our memories, values and beliefs place on our experiences of the world. In Neuro Linguistic Programming terms, the deletions, distortions or generalisations that create our inner representation can be challenged by the resilience gained through positive emotion. Happiness, or positivity, therefore creates a suitable internal environment within which a coaching relationship can flourish and a coachee can achieve their goals. An effective coaching relationship encompasses:







Where can positivity support this? I would suggest in all aspects since:

To be creative is to have curiosity, openness, a sense of discovery and exploration – all strengths of a positive mindset

With warmth and empathy comes collaboration – we are happiest when we engage in those acts of kindness, in those moments of connectivity which bring us gratification; the more we engage in these, the more warmth and empathy we emanate to others making collaboration easy – we connect with people to mutual benefit

To be authentic is at the top of the communication pyramid; it is the point of peak communication, when we are most open, honest and true to our strengths, using them in a meaningful way. We have a purpose

And hence my business name: The Authentic Spark. It encompasses for me what it means to coach positively. It encapsulates the connections between people, between past, present and future, which are the truest and the strongest when founded on:



A growth mindset





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