May 8, 2017

Creative visioning and goal setting: Visualise your Future

Creative visioning and me This time next week I will be looking back on my first coaching workshop. Will you have been there to Visualise your Future?           Joining Coaching York this year inspired me to put my head above the parapet and volunteer to provide an event. As part of this year’s International Coaching Week, I will be sharing with others the power of creative visioning. […]
August 20, 2017

SPARK your Creativity: successful interpretive writing

Sharing skills in successful interpretive writing I love running interpretive writing workshops. I get a great thrill from sharing the tips and techniques of successful interpretive writing.  The principles are simple, when you understand them. The trick is… practice!   A masterclass in writing   Some of you may have been to one of my Tips and Hints masterclasses on the PLB stand at M&H Show over the years. Those […]